Our Commitment

As a leading security and safety player, SCUTUM is committed to its customers, its employees, but also to the environment and society. From delivering best quality solutions and organising training programmes for employees, to meeting the challenges of climate change and sponsoring sport teams, SCUTUM acts in a sustainable and responsible manner every day.

SCUTUM is committed to be a responsible leader in the security and safety industry, and to find solutions that ensure sustainable, responsible growth.


With engineers on the road to visit customers, SCUTUM is wary of its carbon footprint and launched, in 2015, the Blue Sky Plan. By setting up this plan, SCUTUM has committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 4% every year (approximately 165 tons of CO2 per year),relying, amongst others, on geolocalisation tools to optimise engineers' drives, monthly reporting tools and an awareness campaign amongst SCUTUM's car drivers.

  • Plan implemented across all entities
  • Performance reviewed on yearly basis
  • Tools specifically developed to help implementation


reduction in carbon footprint in 2015


reduction objective



Quality is non-negotiable and SCUTUM is committed to provide services and solutions of the highest quality. SCUTUM has set up processes to ensure that our engineers provide customers the best possible services. From delivering specific services such as remote monitoring to ensuring business continuity, Quantum covers all processes. The platform enables all employees to easily access regularly updated processes, while frequent customer satisfaction surveys are organised to confirm their implementation.

  • A priority in SCUTUM's strategy
  • Committed to customers' satisfaction
  • All aspects of security activity covered


certifications across Europe





Our people is what makes SCUTUM, they are the ones that help us make a difference. As technology evolves, training is crucial to help them get an in-depth understanding of the latest developments and how these can help meet customers'  needs. SCUTUM's Development and Skills Committee was set up to oversee all training programmes across the group and organises regularly, amongst others, training by experts on new products.

  • Fully integrated in SCUTUM's strategy
  • Senior management on the Development and Skills Committee
  • Training programmes regularly organised


engineers trained in 2016


technology experts part of the training programme



The sense of effort, courage and challenge that sportsmen and sportswomen have, has left a deep impression on SCUTUM's values. Associated with the single-handed ocean sailing races of skipper Gerald Veniard between 2004 and 2009, and again in 2014, SCUTUM is a major partner of the rugby club Racing 92, winner of the 2016 Top 14 Cup. SCUTUM also supports the women's Volleyball team Stade Fran§ais Paris Saint-Cloud, and Lilas Pinthier, a young golf prodigy, who came second of the 2016 Doral-Publix Junior Classic.

  • Proudly supporting professional sports teams since 2004
  • Some values carried by the group, at all levels, across all entities
  • Employees are encouraged to participate in key sports events, such as Paris' 20km


people in Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium for the 2016 Top 14 Cup


place for Lilas Pinthier at the 2016 Doral-Publix Junior Classic