Are you a security company looking to expand your activity, by providing remote monitoring services requested by customers? Become a SCUTUM partner today.

SCUTUM, leading European player in safety-security, provides technological solutions of protection and risk prevention. Relying on four APSAD P3- and ISO 2001 V2008-certified alarm and assistance monitoring centres located in France (Toulouse, Rouen and Rennes) and in the United Kingdom (Harlow), SCUTUM provides a reliable 24/7 monitoring service.

Why choose Scutum?


Over 100,000 sites today tryst SCUTUM with remote monitoring.
Benefit from the SCUTUM brand, renown for its' expertise and the quality of its services.


Scutum provides access to advanced technology to meet your's
and your sutomer's Monitoring Security needs.
The latest reception protocols are regularly intergrated,
enabling you to connect most systems.


SCUTUM offers support for all regulatory suport
so that you do not need to worry about recent evolutions

Increased Business

With customers increasingly requesting remote monitoring,
you can focus on developing your activity
while we take care of the remote monitoring services to accompany it.